Standard Order Fulfillment Pricing

SBW has the experience to know what it takes to be a high quality, cost efficient, order fulfillment solution. We offer superior service, strict quality control procedures, and customized solutions that will address any specific requirements that your business might have.

This is standard pricing for most of our order fulfillment customers. We keep it simple and easy with absoutely no hidden or confusing charges. There is no charge for normal customer returns and no set-up fees. We'll include up to 2 additional items per order at no additional charge (a sample product, business card, catalog, etc.).

Set-up Fee $0.00
Storage Fee - starts at just $25.00 - less than any storage facility!
Order Fulfillment Charge - starts at $2.40
Return Processing $0.00
International Orders - Customs Paperwork - per order starts at $1.00
Extras w/Order (sample, catalog, business card, swag) $0.00
Gift Wrapping - per item - starts at... $1.00

Additional Order Fulfillment Information

All order fulfillment pricing listed is standard costs and is applicable to most clients. Additional charges for any custom request by our clients are billed directly to that client. These requests can range from custom printed packing slips to custom packing material. Clients are also responsible for all shipping charges pertaining to their accounts from utilized carriers.

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